High Security

The term High Security is commonly used to denote physical safety, protection of property and loss prevention. 

Security professionals during an audit and risk assesment, will inspect the presence of the following components:  Access Control, Physical Security and Key Management System.

Access control restricts entrance to unauthorized persons.  If required, it can monitor, record and limit access to authorized perons as well. 

Physical Security restricts entrance by offering mechanical protection using commercial grade locks and high security cylinders.  To  protect against physical attacks, UL437 CX5 high security cylinders have been successfully tested for picking, impression, forcing, drilling, sawing, prying, pulling, driving and corrosion. 

Key Management Systems are requried to manage the distribution of keys and their assignees.  Managed keyblanks prevent the unauthorized duplication of the keys.  Elements of a good key management system include:

 - Key control document

 - Key control manager

 - Key storage and record keeping facility

 - Procedure for key assignment and requests, delivery and return

 - Policy for non-returned keys

 - Forms to facilitate policies ad procedures

 - Product servicin guidelines